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Manage Your Studio with No Sweat

You passion for teaching is what really matters! Gain peace of mind and take control
of your studio by streamlining your day-to-day operations with our all-in-one solution.
Conquer your tasks on any device wherever you want with ease.
Let curoRC do the work for you.

Save Time

Spend less time on day-to-day tasks as curoRC cuts down the time and effort needed to manage your studio.

Boost Efficiency

Instead of spending too much time on daily  tasks, management and employees can now focus on what matters most: making customers happy and pushing for business growth.

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Jump In

No need to spend hundreds of hours to learn the software or read confusing guides.

Stress-Free Management

Navigate  curoRC  with  ease  and  see  how  it  is  incredibly  easy  to  stay  on  top.  Take  steps  to  better  manage  your  school  in  just  a  few  clicks.

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Generate Income

Maintain a close eye on your prospects, Increase student retention and receive full statistics on how well your studio is doing.

Quick And Easy

View  real-time  business  stats  and  graphs  from  the  palm  of  your  hand.  Conveniently  sell  your  studio’s  inventory  in  a  few  clicks.

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Manage your martial arts studio anywhere, anytime. Get started in seconds!
No time limits. No restricted features.*

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*Some restricted features for Customers using only Cash.

Conquer Your To-Do List
With These Powerful Features

Martial Arts Studio Success Stories

“This is the tool that studio owners need to assist in student-database management as it relates to interfacing with the Association…[and] the point-of-sale option is a big plus.”

Grandmaster Charles Ferraro, Founder & President of Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association, Inc

“I’ve tried other business management software but nothing else has been able to help me save more time, money and energy than curoRC.”

Jonathan, USA

Industry Leaders: curoRC Partners


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